Our Pro Bono activity

DEMAIN was created from our desire to use law as a social and economic justice tool.

We believe that it is our duty to facilitate access to justice by providing pro bono services while carrying out our missions.

DEMAIN regularly assists vulnerable people, NGOs, associations, international organisations and/or social entrepreneurs in France and Africa. Pro bono is part of our job as lawyers, and we are proud to provide legal advice to our communities and to build a better future by their side.

Our team of lawyers provides free legal assistance regarding children’s rights, women’s rights (sexual abuse and gender-based violence) and rights of foreigners. We also occasionally assist associations and NGOs in the defence of their interests regarding international criminal law and international humanitarian law.

Sarah SAMEUR is a pro bono lawyer and a member of various NGOs and associations, including l’Alliance des Avocats pour les Droits de l’Homme (AADH, « alliance of lawyers for human rights »), la Force Juridique de la Fondation des Femmes (« women’s foundation legal force ») and the RSE & PED network, which handles CSR cases in developing countries.

Sarah also mentors high school and university students throughouth their law studies, on behalf of l’Equipée, a non-profit organisation for equal opportunities.

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