The reason
we exist

Law can help us build a better future together.

Present-day societies are going through complex crises, and we believe that law is a powerful tool to face them, by transforming our changing economies, protecting the general interest, promoting inclusive economic projects and encouraging social and sustainable development in every territory.

DEMAIN is a human-scale and confidential multidisciplinary law practice based in Paris, engaged with its clients to structure and finance impact projects related to the development of territories in France, Africa and emerging countries. We are convinced that business law can no longer overlook economic, social and environmental issues regarding good governance and human rights.

Our raison d’être is to build bridges between the practice of business law and the defence of human rights, in order to promote a fairer world, economically sustainable and meaningful for everyone.



Our mission is to provide you with legal services in compliance with international standards, tailor-made advice and holistic assistance to guarantee the success of your projects.

Our team of lawyers will assist you through every step of your commercial or financial transaction to ensure that ESG criteria, CSR standards and human rights regulations are taken into consideration. We believe that every economic project, even a profitable one, must today include sustainability, redistribution, and inclusion criteria for the largest possible number of people.

The clients who put their trust in us are actors of both the public and private sectors : we are standing at the side of international organisations for development, multilateral development banks, national agencies, governments, as well as companies and impact investment fund, to help them develop, structure and monitor sustainable project financing with added value in terms of social and environmental impact.

By your side, we will structure and implement the financial package to make sure that your financing transactions are bankable, secured and comply with applicable international and local regulations.



DEMAIN is a boutique law practice made up of lawyers striving to meet your needs, flexible and committed to the defense of your interests.

Excellence, independence and ethics are at the heart of our activity. The lawyer’s oath is in our DNA in all circumstances : we act with the necessary rigour, conscience and humanity, for all our clients’ benefit.

Our purpose is to practice our profession in a different way and act as engaged lawyers. We consider ourselves « impact lawyers » with a deep sense of solidarity and strong beliefs that show through the defence of our clients’ interests and the legal services we provide.

The reasons our clients choose us are both our expertise and the values we promote.

Do you need first class legal expertise ?